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Writing the Experience


Last week I participated in a journal writing workshop through Well for the Journey, a spiritual center. Our meet-up took place on Zoom.

I’ve been journaling since the first of the year so it’s a relatively new experience for me. In my blogging am used to pounding out thoughts and words on the computer keys.  Free hand writing entails a slowing down of the brain to match the hand action. A real test in discipline for me.

The leader, Liz Neal of A Heart for Journaling, led the group through a series of thoughtful questions  designed to relate our feelings about the pandemic. Our responses were written within the context of being one within a flock of flying  geese.

At one point during the evening she assigned each of us a word and asked how our experience of living in a pandemic world related to the word. I was given the word HOPE.

The overall gist of what I wrote is this:

  1. When I see individuals and families outside walking it gives me hope there will be a return to nature and fewer nature- deprived children.
  2. When I hear of neighbor helping neighbor during this time of crisis I hope we will return to a far kinder world and people will begin to realize how good it feels to help others. I am hopeful volunteerism will increase post pandemic.
  3. When I read about the stepped up medical research that has happened trying to solve the mysteries of the disease and how American companies have tweaked their businesses to do what is necessary to help, I feel hopeful our country will be better prepared for any future crisis giving us a stronger America.

How are you feeling as we attempt to resume things after the quarantine?

Writing about your feelings is a therapeutic way of coping and healing. It does not matter if you prefer pen or computer, what is important is you air your thoughts. You will feel a kind of freedom in doing so!

Thank you Liz Neal for this creative writing exercise. I look forward to joining you again next month. Indeed we are moving forward into a world of unknowns with social distancing, yet we are not alone.

For more information about Liz Neal’s upcoming journaling workshops, contact her through her website or through Well for the Journey.





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  1. Wonderful and hopeful thoughts, Sue! I am sure there is great benefit in journaling and how wonderful that you had the opportunity to join in on Zoom to have someone so experienced lead you through a creative and important exercise!

    1. The experienced teacher in Liz makes her a very good leader. Not to mention her 30 yrs of journaling experience.

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