Winged Parable


“To understand is to perceive patterns.” ~ Isaiah Berlin

October 5th  is a very special day. It’s my Dad’s 90th birthday. Since I can’t be with him I want to share this video greeting. He taught me in my childhood to be ever watchful and appreciative of nature’s nuiances. He was always one to point out the lessons in nature and to encourage us four kids to slow down and take time to appreciate the natural world around us.

Today I share this video with our readers to give flight to thoughts about our patterns of behavior as a people and a society. Enjoy the pure beauty of this winged journey.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Love you so much, and I am so grateful God has given us your long life filled with good health. It’s going to be a busy time ahead with three of your grandchildren getting married. I so look forward to seeing you more frequently in the coming year.


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