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What’s in a Notion?

“Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom” ~ Mary Browne

One day, two friends Mildred and Eunice were chatting about what had been a long unsolved circumstance in their lives. They looked at each other and voiced the same thought. “What would have happened if we hadn’t listened to our intuition.”

“We nearly paid her no mind.” Said Miss Eunice.

“Isn’t it funny how when we meet someone we often get a foolhearty notion right away?  asked Miss Mildred.

“That’s just plain wrong! We found that out, haven’t we!” said Miss Eunice.

Mildred and Eunice“Yeah,  I often go with how I feel when I first meet someone,” said Mildred.

“We know some people deal with life with a more open heart and open eyes, don’t we?” The two women chuckled as they embraced each other.

Mildred, shook her head pitifully as if she was scolding herself. “Throughout a lifetime, there have been many mistakes where I haven’t seen too clearly because something gets in the way and I’ve judged too quickly.   Then when a second chance comes along  I realize its not the other person who is flawed,  it’s me for thinking the way I do.”

“If nothing else, we’ve both learned from our mistakes. Haven’t we?”

“Uh-huh. We’ve learned not to be two old biddies with closed minds, haven’t we?”


“Thank the Lord when one circumstance led to another we decided to give the idea more than a passing glance. Probably the best thing we two ole ladies have done together yet.”

“Well,  we’ve learned how wise it is to listen to our hearts.”

“Who was that fellow, Mildred, who said ‘I myself am made entirely made of flaws stitched together with good intentions’?”

“That was Augusten Burroughs! The man that wrote Running with Scissors! Remember that book?”

“Sure do, its a story we both related to. We really need to remember to his words. All because of a preconcieved notion we nearly missed our solution which was right in front of us.”

Miss Mildred and Miss Eunice, two characters in Sue Leonard’s fictional story, Sew the Heart, had many notions to share with readers To learn more about the publication visit this website. 


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  1. Loved your story this morning, I felt like I was reading my own recall of an occurrence a couple weeks ago. I walked out my door onto Main Street in Bristol and there was the women walking her dog, we commented about the weather and had a pleasant greeting. She then asked where I was headed and I said the post office and library, she said me too! We decided to walk the 3 blocks together and chatted like we’d know each other for a while. At the end of the walk she said “will you and your husband come up and have an afternoon visit with me one day?” I said of course, we saw each other and chatted a couple more mornings, then one morning I walked out to water my plants and she said come up this afternoon, will you? That afternoon we spend several delightful hours together and I just know we enjoy each others company many more times! Being new to town, she was so welcoming and wonderful to be so open. We just hit it off!

    1. Glad to know you have a new friend, and with time there will be many more like souls you will encounter.

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