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Weathering Storms – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Weathering Storms

Weathering Storms

Isn’t it funny how our overthinking  leads to paralysis by analysis? And how dwelling on the negative only adds to misery? Case in point:

February in the mid-Atlantic States has brought us quite a few rainy, windy days in a row. The first day the wet streak arrived I hunkered down and didn’t take my usual early morning walk. The second day nothing in the weather had changed, in fact, it seemed even more dreary. But, I had this feeling I ought to go outside anyway even though, deep down I really didn’t want to. So I  said to myself, no good is going to come thinking about the awful weather conditions.

I quickly showered, dressed, put on my raincoat with hat and gloves, and out the door I went. As soon as I stepped out I was shocked at how warm it was – about 15 degrees warmer than the morning before. Despite the dark, wet morning my walk was delightful and there seemed to be an extra lightness in my stride. I was enjoying myself so much I walked further than I anticipated . On the way back I was consumed with the thought of the breakfast I was going to cook myself. In the distance I  heard home-fried potatoes sizzling on the stove, the bacon which I rarely eat popping in the pan and the round yolks of sunny side up eggs met my visions like two round pupils.

As I sat eating the hearty breakfast I thought about the fact that had I stayed indoors and continued thinking about the crummy weather rather than stepping out into it, I would have missed a perfectly good start to the morning.

I’ll continue walking in the drizzle and downpours because the benefits of walking in the rain are mentioned in many articles. For me the top pay off of walking in less than ideal conditions is knowing I didn’t let the weather or my mind defeat me!

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