Gough Stained Glass

Warm Reception

The time has come for a revival of public worship as the finest of the fine arts… ~Andrew W. Blackwood

The fruit of the spirit was alive and manifest in every way possible at Gough United Methodist Church last Sunday afternoon. I felt warmly welcomed by Reverend Winifred “Winnie” Griffin and her church members. I was heartily fed by Barbara, the woman who had extended the invitation and was hard at work in the kitchen turning out a large proportion of food. As we ate, I had a delightful time talking with a young woman who very obviously has her head and heart in the right place for someone of her youthful age. At times, her insight about life and faith completely blew me away.

I was not the only visitor who had come to celebrate Ushers Day. Most of the pews filled up. Guest pastor Ambassador Blango Ross from Strawbridge United Methodist Church came and brought his choir. As I listened to the words of songs I was not familiar with, I connected and was touched by the lyrics immediately. “Surely,” I thought, “this choir is filled with professionally trained voices” including the astoundingly well-toned voice of Ambassador Ross. His voice and that of another soloist was fabulous.

I don’t know how a soul could enter into the doors of the Gough United Methodist Church last Sunday afternoon and leave without being changed in some way by the energy the guest preacher brought to the people.  Powerful! Several times throughout the service when he’d built his message to a crescendo, he brought something humorous into his exhortation. It broke the tension, such as when he warned not to be caught up in the charismatic, theatrical presentation of some TV preachers and to make sure we are tuning into our relationships.

I’d like to end this post by simply saying thank you to Gough United Methodist Church for their hospitality. I can well understand why keeping community together is so important to their congregation. They are all good ambassadors of faith and goodwill for the rest of us.

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