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Walk with Sunday Spirit

The hard work of spring is beginning to reap it’s benefits in more ways than one. Farmers time and labor spent plowing, tilling and planting seeds is becoming evident. Farm stands are cropping up everywhere and people are becoming the beneficiaries of abundant, fresh produce.

In my own life, I’m feeling as if I’ve grown healthily as well. My multi-faceted approach to mind, body and spirit healing after a winter full of losses and care taking of  two critically ill parents is making me feel whole once again. Spiritual workshops, writing, art, walks with faith, good food, and more have strengthened my whole being.

Once spring came around my weekly routine changed. Now on Sundays I walk to and from church. I enjoy it so because it gives me the opportunity to quietly ponder God’s graces in the events of the week and what’s on my to-do list for the new week ahead.

As a bonus, by the time I head back home from church there’s a farm stand all set up on the corner where I make a point to stop and buy fresh produce. My body and my spirit are well-fed throughout the week. Writing and art-related activities keeps my mind actively creative.

I’ve been kind to myself. I’m feeling rested, renewed, wholesome and moving forward. I owe a boat load of thanks to many people whom I’ve found connection with in my life. Safety nets are a good thing!

Narratives shared on Sow the Heart often tell what connection and building community is all about. In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than living with a peace-filled healthy, wholesome spirit.

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