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Twin Whoo-Whoo Stuff

I’m so grateful I have two great brothers. The other evening they came over and hung all my art. It had been packed away since I moved back East to be primary caretaker to our two terminally ill parents. Both being builders, they are really good at measurements and proportion and I have a fairly good eye for design. We had my collection of art hung in no time.

Wow! It felt like Christmas seeing my beloved art again. Since I, like everyone else, am pretty much quarantined what a pleasant place to be now that the walls have some color. And just hanging it gave a boost to my creativity. I felt compelled to tell my twin sister how I used my creative energy. I emailed her and sent her a picture:

“Jan, over the past two years since Mom and Dad passed away I have gotten the most beautiful cards from friends and neighbors. Rather than discard them or pack them away, I wanted to do something so I could look at them. So, before the quarantine I ran up to Michael’s and got a $6 cork board, proceeded to paint the frame to match my chalk painted dresser in the bedroom and made a collage of a few of my favorites. Some have a special touch of love beyond words put into them because they were hand painted and handmade by artist friends.”

About ten minutes later I got a response. She didn’t say anything but attached these two photos to her email.

I was surprised not because I thought I had some unique idea but because somehow we had the same channeling of a creative idea. I have not visited the place where she now lives and we had never discussed the sympathy and “thinking of you cards” and what to do with them.

I emailed her back and asked her where hers were hanging, “Oh,” she said, “I’ve got them displayed on the refrigerator.”

“Yes, but you put great thought into how you arranged them. They look great.” I said.

Which brings me to the point, we can chose to live our lives artfully and intentionally or we can just go through life not giving it any thought. What’s your style?

P.S. Two years ago today we lost our Dad. We are missing him greatly but he and my Mom would be proud of how we’ve carried on as a family with losing both of them all in one month.

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