Love In My Eyes

Twin Reflections

“I may be a twin but I am one of a kind.” ~ Jerry Smith

According to this New York Times article, twin births have hit a record high. Technology has something to do with the 76% increase in multiple births since 1980.  Back in the early 1950’s when my twin sister and I were born multiple births were something of an oddity. We knew few other sets of twins  even though we lived in a well populated area.

One of the most difficult things about being a twin is when others find it surprising that twin personalities are not exactly alike. It begs the question – Why would they be? Twins are two different people, custom-made in the eyes of our creator.

love in my eyes

Twins share a special bond of love that is often hard to explain. When  one set of twins meets another there is already  an “understood”; a common feeling about the relationship that others never get to experience.

Today I celebrate a “twin” friendship my sister and I have enjoyed since our college years. Here’s to you Janet & Margie! Happy Identical Twin Birthday!

One of our niece’s is awaiting a big day – this summer she will give birth to a set of twins! Mum’s the word as to whether she is having 2 girls, 2 boys or one infant of each sex. No matter what, they are guaranteed to be precious. The due date is drawing closer so I’m sending out prayers to her and her husband for their babies healthy, safe arrivals.

In my award-winning memoir, I share many stories about what it was like growing up as a twin in the 1950’s and the special bond my sister Jan and I share.


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