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Kids Of Character

Today’s Seeds Bring Tomorrow’s Flowers


Today I’m feeling troubled by a news story that’s been circulating for some weeks now.  In at least one of our nation’s most prestigeous institutions of higher learning the administrators are doing away with late fees for library books. The reason – it causes undue stress on the college students.

How, may I ask, will the students learn to deal with critical life issues if they can not handle such a simple thing as getting books back to the library when due or taking responsibility for their actions by paying the fine. I don’t understand, but then I come from another generation.

I’d like to state my parenting  skills were far from perfect, and as an empty nester it’s easier to see things in retrospect. When making child rearing decisions in the moment, wrong judgments are made by every parent. But this story comes from institutions of higher learning. Let’s teach resiliency and common sense! Or it is a thing of the past?

This article titled “What We Are Doing to Our Children” is a must read for those who will soon be parents or are raising children. It is extremely eye-opening.

Let’s do better for our country by remembering today’s children will someday be adults. Teach principles of decency, respect,  hard work, accountability and responsibility – the cornerstones of a strong family and society.

kids of character




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