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Time Well Spent – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Time Well Spent

In a previous posting titled “Easter’s Echo Rings” I wrote about travels to different Easter sermons all while observing staying- in- place. I’ll be honest, by the time the afternoon came around I did feel the need to take in some fresh air. Walking is how I communicate with my Creator and tend to my fitness of  spirit.

So, I took a fifteen minute drive to Jerusalem Mills, a place where I knew I’d find solitude and could walk without putting myself or anyone else in danger of passing germs. It’s a Preserve America site which borders the Gunpowder River. The museum buildings were closed and I didn’t even get within 1,000 yards of the few people there. But I enjoyed seeing how far they’d come in restoring a stone barn since last time I visited. Here are a  few pictures of the old mill community which was established in 1772 by David Lee, a Quaker.



In my last activity of the holy of day of Easter Sunday, I was one of millions of others who tuned in to hear Andre Bocelli ‘s “Music for Hope” concert in the empty Duomo Cathedral. It broke all previous records on You Tube. Isn’t it interesting how hungry people are for beauty and connection when it’s not readily available?

A church was cited in an article I read yesterday. Their typical weekly on-line attendance is 8,000 people. With every Sunday in Advent it increased dramatically, peaking at 1.3 million viewers on Easter. The way I see it, hope seekers all, we are looking for a way to get through these unprecedented times through the beauty of art, faith and revisiting history of those who came before us in previous eras to see how they coped. What do you think?




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