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Time Management – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Time Management Tips

Time Management

Time is the wisest counselor of all.” ~ Pericles

I’m really enjoying my new writers group. I’m happy they allow me to join them. Don’t ever let anyone tell you a group of retired people can’t write. The members in this group are astute, quick-thinking wordsmiths that I’m challenged to keep up with.

The Broadmead Writers Group has been in existence for many years. Recently a member read the writings of a few predecessors who have since moved to higher grounds. After the pages were read they were put in a time capsule. There will be a good long wait until the container will be opened and it’s contents will be revealed by another generation.

My favorite part of our weekly gathering is a five minute writing exercise using a one word prompt which helps to get the mind flowing requiring rapid-fire thinking. For example, last week the word of the day was:  WAITING.

My writing resulted in this short composition –

Have you ever thought how much time we spend waiting?

Waiting for the bell to ring

Waiting for “the fat lady to sing”

Waiting for the possible

Waiting for the improbable

Waiting for the dinner hour

Waiting for the rise of power

So much time waiting……

and right now….

I am waiting for today’s ending

Tomorrow is still pending.

How do you prefer to use your free time? 

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