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The Simple Truth – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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The Simple Truth

“A flower is like the soul, it opens up to the sun.” ~ Robin Nola

Some weeks ago I stopped into Karma, a favorite local consignment shop. I was greeted by the same smiling face I’ve encountered each time I’ve visited.

“Oh, I love your shirt!” I said to the retail assistant. The colors were vibrant and it was complimentary to her smiling face.

“But that neckline wouldn’t look good on me,” I said, and I went on to say why not.

She smiled up at me and said simply, “Hon, we all have somethin’.”

“Yes,” I said, making me feel better about my shortcomings, “and thanks for saying that!”

As I drove home I began thinking more deeply about the woman’s remark.  As my much beloved grandmother used to say, “Isn’t it the God’s honest truth?” We all have unfavorable and gloomy things about us or we’re dealing with. The key is remembering to look on the sunny side. It’s a much better existence.




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