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The Gift of Time – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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The Gift of Time

I am the first one to admit I’m not one to “drop in on people” without being invited. Perhaps it is because I don’t like to inconvenience anyone over anything. I figure whatever someone else has on their to-do list has got to be far more important.

My grandmother’s generation was well-practiced in “goin’ ’round to visit.” People were always stopping in unannounced and she welcomed it wholeheartedly. In fact it gave her much joy to recount the names of people who “came ’round” in any given week. It didn’t matter if they stayed fifteen minutes or three hours, she was never in a rush to get the visit over with so she could go back to what she was doing. And it was a gift just to be in her presence.

What if we began to think of dropping in on one another as a compliment? Someone thinks enough of us to come see how we are doing and if we need anything. Perhaps our hearts would be more open to accepting help from one another and feelings of isolation that we hear about in our society might be reduced.

The other day I read an article about restoring the practice of visiting. The benefit? We’d all learn to slow down and be more mindful of the most valuable thing we can give one another. The gift of time.

Would you like to see the old fashioned art of visiting gain momentum again and become the mainstay of being neighborly?

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  1. I think it is a great compliment to have someone stop in and check up with someone and see how they are doing. We as a society have become to involved in our own lives and need to consider others more often. Thanks for the insight.

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