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Desiree Rogers once asked “How can we salute – encourage the American spirit?” My reply to that is RAISE AWARENESS of enterprising young businesses that need more visibility. YVFW1 croppedTherefore, Yampa Valley Fiberworks of Craig, Colorado will be featured on Sow the Heart throughout the week.

Last Saturday I had the good fortune to have a book signing at their location. I’m so impressed with the husband and wife team and the good things they are doing. They need to be in the limelight.

They represent the epitome of  the American spirit. Faith and heart and soul is at the center of their company. Today I will share images of the retail side of their operations. This author thinks we need more businesses in America such as this – willing to work hand in hand with cottage industry suppliers. Nearly everything in their store is made handcrafted by local artists, which supports American ingeniuty and creativity. And allows people to make a living doing what personally fulfills them.

Here are pictures of the retail side of Yampa Valley Fiberworks.

Moon box

honey & such

Bathtub & Yarns

cute as a button2

Retail store - Amazing Grace

Fiber store yarns




The afternoon tea and booksigning was so enjoyable I came home with my heart overflowing with joy and gratitude.  I’ll show a photo of the two faces behind this business on the last of three blogs about Yampa Valley Fiberworks. Lorrae and Lewis Moon, thank you!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful business full of great USA handmade products, all beautifully, creatively displayed. Their passion shines through! Will put this on my radar as a stop next time I get to Colorado! Thanks for sharing, look forward to the other blogs to come!

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