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Sunday Star Performers – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Artful Life

Sunday Star Performers

Last Sunday I returned to one of my favorite places on Earth. It’s said to be “One of the top ten topiary gardens in the world,” by Architectural Digest. I’m so happy its been reopened after the required pandemic closure. Much to my chagrin, I thought I’d missed it’s best performance – early to late spring blooming.

However, there is still much to gaze at that delights the eye! Today I thought I’d give you a peak in through the garden gate at Ladew Topiary Gardens by featuring just a few of the star performers. The iris garden was peak and the water lilies are now previewing their upcoming show!

It warmed my heart to see good ole fashioned southern gentility in the garden at noon. These three were on a Father’s Day outing dressed beautifully to reflect their surroundings.  And on the outer acreage I spotted a lady with a parasol. Of that, Harvey S. Ladew would have approved!

What a fascinating character Mr. Harvey S Ladew was. You can read about him in this book. It details the wonderful parties he hosted in his stately manor house and on his grounds where he entertained royalty royally! Big names like Cole Porter and Clark Gable came for the weekend festivities which often included fox hunting. Harvey S Ladew was an artist by nature in all he did from painter to horticulturalist to performer of sorts who knew how to host with the very most! His topiary sculptures of arborvitae, boxwood, yews, and privet are living testimony to his deft hand at gardening.

I am so very thrilled to be able to access these gardens to write about art, nature, horticulture and other  fulfilling things. Thank you “Harvey S. Ladew” for leaving these fabulous grounds for the public to enjoy in perpetuity.

I’d also like to thank the beautiful family who indulged me by allowing me to take their picture to post on this blog.“The most beautiful thing is when stars have no idea of their own brilliance. They are just being themselves and naively on display for others to admire.” ~ Sue Batton Leonard





























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