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Strengthens Community

 Sunday Noon in the Garden: “Bloom from Within” Decoupage Journal Cover and Photo © Sue Batton Leonard

Site Location of Photo: Ladew Topiary Gardens

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

When I moved to my new place of residence one of the first individuals I met is a wonderful example of having a charitable heart. In my opinion she’s what Fred Roger’s would identify as a “helper.” Her energy is admirable and she’s volunteered for more than 15 years at the Charles W Lightner Library, a valuable Christian community resource. She also helps out in the church office and also with Sunday School children.

She’s an avid gardener and book lover so she’s a lady who shares a few of my passions. The other day I called her to ask her a library question and also to see how she’s faring with the pandemic restrictions. I know it’s crimping her style!

Before I hung up I asked, “Pat, how’s your garden growing?”

“FANTASTIC!” she said with great enthusiasm, ” I have so much lettuce I’m taking it to neighbors. There is no way we can eat it all. ” Naturally, she offered me some.

“I’m glad to hear it’s growing well,” I said.

Planting a gardening is a lot of work, so it’s a happy day when things are florishing. Exemplary is her constant giving attitude.

To wrap up this post, I’d like to share an article about bible garden plants.


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