Butterfly And Change

Stitching the Future

stitching the future

My family recently gathered for a family wedding. One of my many nieces was missing. She is in a far off land for the summer, stitching a future. I missed her deeply. It just didn’t seem the same without her sweet presence.

But, I am so very proud of her drive and determination. She’s worked and also studied hard staying on task to reach her accomplishments. The work she is doing has great possibility in the long range future.

Before she left for the summer my mom, her grandmother, asked if she was anxious about her trip to places unknown alone. She admitted to having the butterflies but said “How can I grow if I don’t step out of my comfort zone?”

In stepping out of ones comfort zone to take a whole different path as a writer, here’s what I’ve learned:

Invite change, ask for help when you need it, trust the process and watch what happens!

If there is something you haven’t fully pursued but want to, change is scary but it feels good to grow intellectionally, emotionally and spiritually. Start down the path to a new you!

butterfly and change

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