Ducks In A Row

Squalking the Walk

” God’s tender mercies are all over his creatures.” – Psalms 145:9

A week ago we were in a really hot, humid pattern when the thought of walking every morning was not enticing.  I persisted but slowed my pace. On the hottest morning I took a shortcut through the church parking lot and encountered a gaggle of geese. They waddled along with me or I with them, and we accompanied one another on the final leg of my journey. They squawked and I listened.

The very same evening, some 12 hours later, I was sitting on my balcony/deck and who came to find me? The geese. I gave them a few crackers for a treat.

The next morning it was much cooler and the humidity was not oppressive. I didn’t run into my walking partners from the day before. As I sat on my deck after my early morning walk, enjoying the shade of the morning and a bowl of cereal, the geese came and found me again. Unlike the evening before they wanted nothing to do with crackers; they were satisfied with the bugs in the grass. After a few minutes they bedded down quietly and made themselves comfortable in the grass below me. It was if they were checking in on me to see if all was well in my world. I welcomed their companionship.

Isn’t it astonishing how God’s creatures can sense what others might need? Stillness Speaks – Eckhart Tolle





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