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Sowing Spring Thoughts – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Green Lightbulb

Sowing Spring Thoughts


You reap what you sow. You become whatever you continually think and do. What future self will you sow today?” Anonymous

I went by The Mill yesterday, a local hangout for people seeking seeds and feeds for all their farm, home and garden needs.  On the sign outside it said, “It’s time to plant your seeds indoors.”

Yep, that’s what I have been doing. As a writer I am always in search of  new approaches that take me out of my head and into my heartfelt feelings. That’s when the real magic of writing happens.  I’ve been sowing thoughts of how I can treat myself to an extra-special writing session weekly.

So, on April 1st I’m switching-up my normal writing routine one day a week with earnest intentions. My focus will be to take pause, listen and watch more acutely, and be even more thoughtful in conveying my visions. I’ll also use a non-digital method of writing. I’m excited, hopeful and motivated to stay the course to see what results come. Like all serious artists, a writer’s goal is to continually work at our craft to make it better.

Reducing the noise and listening cultivates whatever you’ve got going and growing. And to end on that note, stay tuned to this website because in the not too distant future I will be sharing the story of my journey in a new arena and I look forward to bringing more information to you. The plans are developing nicely.






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