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Last Sunday at Bel Air United Methodist Church, I was brought back to three blogs I wrote a few years ago called Soul Work, Heartfelt Soul Work and Soul Stitchin’. What reminded me of my previous writings was the sermon by Rev. Byron Brought called “Saint’s Values.” He asked each one of us in the congregation which resume we are building. Are we working on growing a list of job accomplishments or are we working on our eulogy resume? From what I heard they are two different things – one is related to career building and the other relates to character and virtues. Rev. Brought got my attention which is what a good sermon is meant to do!

Later that afternoon as I walked the Ma and Pa Heritage Trail I further pondered the day’s message. Why, I thought, do these two resumes need to be separated? After all, couldn’t the characteristics of our eulogy resume be included in our life’s work? The way we treat co-workers, having a strong moral compass steering us through our business life,  abiding by and by respecting and working toward a strong corporate climate if it includes community service as a value. Could the two resumes not be merged together?

What do you think? Are you on the same page with my thought?

You can not dream yourself into a character;

you must hammer and forge yourself one. ~   

James A. Froude



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