Faith Seeds

Seeds of A Story

“Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.” ― E.B. White

This spring and summer has sped by.  I remember when I stood shivering on the crest of a hill  at Colorado Mountain College  in April.   The video captured that day by Rove Media  has unsurpassed views and it annnounced the debut of this new website Sow the Heart. Snow  has returned and I’m wondering how can that be?

book listOn that day, seeds of new beginnings were planted and I’ve watched the readership of this site grow throughout the summer. My author book list will soon blossom once again with a brand new title called Sew the Heart.

Both the new website and the upcoming novel began with a seed of an idea called faith. And with a lot of moxie, somehow, I’ve pulled it off!

Stay tuned!

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