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Seasonal Affectiveness

“Only those who sow seeds of change can hope to grow and reap a harvest.”  ~ Andrea Goeglein

The turning of the season is coming. Cool evenings and mornings are already upon us.

The best produce our little porch garden has provided are some wholesome green peppers. We’ve nurtured them carefully all summer and soon it’s time to reap what we sowed.  It’s been rewarding to watch the progression from seed to fruit bearing plants all grown in a little container.

I live for the summer season so seeing it disappear is bittersweet. But, there are fulfilling things in autumn. Seeing the landscape gradually change her adornments to something more subdued prepares us for the coming natural transition in the year.


Take heart! “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus

The crisp air of fall, golden foliage of the aspens and chrysanthemums of bronze, maroon and orange are a few of my favorite things of the autumn season.

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