• For any child, LIFE remains a sea full of rich experiences just waiting to be explored.”


The children arrived at Sonrise:National Park Vacation Bible School full of anticipation, energy and expectancy of having a great time. I believe it was delivered, as there were smiling faces by the end of each evening.

As in typical Steamboat-style,  volunteers were aplenty. We began the evening with some grub alongside the campsite.


Photo Above: All is calm waiting for the children to arrive for a “Sloppy Joe” supper!


Photo Above: Campsite along side the picnic area

Then all filed into the sanctuary to learn about the duties of a real park ranger and search and rescue dogs. We’re fortunate to have a church member who had a career as an “honest to goodness” park ranger.  Now retired, she and her husband volunteer at a few National Parks along with Annie, her search dog, who showed us some of her talents.


Photo Above: Storytime at the Park Ranger Station. Learning about being

in a boat in during a storm and having faith and peace to get through it.


Photo Above: A camp site

Rotations then began with storytelling/crafts, music and games for the children. Throughout the time spent with the children, age appropriate lessons emphasized no matter what problems we face, Jesus is with us and he provides what we need.

VBS5Photo Above:  We ended  the camp singing VBS  songs to the audience of parents and ice cream Sundaes for all.


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