Resurrection Plant

Revival of Spirit

I was feeling dry, parched. There were some loose ends in the family history story I am penning and I could not quite pull parts of it all together in a way that I was satisfied with. It happens. The narrative is important to me because it’s about family legacy and if it is not written down, history will be lost.

Take a few minutes to view this video. It demonstrates how I was feeling before and after critique. Very valuable words and some much needed feedback from a few trusted pre-publication readers have helped me make important developmental changes. Those changes brought new ways of thinking about the manuscript in general, too. I’m grateful for it.

So, although my message today is for writers, it can apply to anyone.  By having others help us to evaluate, appraise, provide outside non-judgmental opinions, it’s helpful even though it may be a little scary and not always what we wish to hear. Don’t shy away from taking an inward look and talk with others about what’s holding you back.

I never knew about the resurrection plant until I saw a posting about it on a pastor’s social media page. This video perfectly suits the theme of this blog post!

“open yourself up to counsel… seek advice… get some guidance.

There is always a first step. That is where you must begin.~ Ray C Stedman


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