Remembering VBS

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them…..” ~ New International Version

“VBS?”  Yes, Vacation Bible School. Do you remember it?

I sure do. I remember the craft projects which revolved around “Greatest Story Ever Told,” the grape Kool Aid, animal crackers and the boy who liked to eat white paste. What can I say, I’m being honest.

Maryland-Presbyterian-150x150On rainy days, sessions were held in dark, damp, inadequate basement space. Otherwise most of the activities were held outdoors, on “sit upons,” as we used to call them in Girl Scouts, spread out under the shady boughs of large oak trees. A beautiful, huge wooded lot housed our church,The Maryland Presbyterian. The physical campus hasn’t changed much since the days of  my childhood.

The church began in the house to the left in the photo. A foundation was poured and a new sanctuary with a glass breezeway and large Sunday school rooms on the lower level were added. The space was bright with lots of windows for children to look out and see nature. Many post-war children attended  (the baby boomer generation); suburbia was spreading.VBS

Now that I am an adult I experienced assisting with VBS at the Heart of Steamboat United Methodist Church. i Each year a “cool” theme incorporates bible stories, crafts, skits, games and songs. All the same elements of VBS during my childhood. However, in this day and age most likely it will be more creatively presented. Once the events are over, I look forward to sharing my experience at VBS as an adult helper.


















































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