Providential Timing

Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy. ~Pope Francis

Happy Day #1 of Lent – the season leading up to Easter. Thirty-two years ago yesterday a little boy, my son shine, arrived on this Earth with so much energy, at first his Momma didn’t know what to do. Finally she found her own unique version of a Bible called “Raising the Spirited Child.” Once she figured out how to channel all his energy into the right things for him, life became sane again but never the same!

It is hard to believe that little boy will become a father any day now. I’m counting down. My daughter-in-law and he are getting ready to greet the little person who has been gifted to them from the Creator. They, like other parents, will raise their child the best way they know how. The pair has all it takes to be great parents!

Spring is about rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation so the timing of the birth of new life in the family during this Lenten Season couldn’t be more appropriate. We’ve got another “baby in progress” in the family too. My twin sister’s daughter is expecting this summer. Oh joy, oh joy!

Do I need to figure out how to be a grandmother? I am hoping my grandchild will someday understand the importance of being loved and adored just for who we are – all uniquely made!



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