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Proverbial Protection – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Heartfelt Words

Proverbial Protection

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23

We are winding down on Heart Health Month, but it’s something to be aware of all year long.  A few weeks ago I wrote about taking time out for whats important in life. Let’s be clear, I don’t profess to be an expert in the health and wellness field. All I know are the ways I have lived to stay extraordinarily healthy all these years after an extremely tenuous start.

As a follow-up to my blog writing about choices and priorities, my twin sister sent me a Facebook message which was greatly appreciated. Here is what she said –

“Sue- I admire how committed you have been throughout the years to protect your heart health, for you understand the gift of life. It is what has given you many, many good years that you may otherwise not have had! You work very hard to protect yourself mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually knowing that all of this goes into good healthy being! Cheers to many more good years ahead for you.❤️❤️”

If you are looking for information about how to protect your heart, The American Heart Association is the organization to refer to. Bookmark The American Heart Association website site for future reference.  Tips on healthy ways of living and eating are on their website as well as articles about how diet, exercise, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being contributes to our over all health.

For those who have not been caring or honest with themselves always remember these wise words  “Don’t be ashamed of your scars. They are just reminders that you are a survivor. You are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” Adopting a kind attitude towards past mistakes or unhealthy living is a great first step towards improved heart health.

It’s never too late to break old habits and substitute them for healthier routines! In March go forward with determination to live a more balanced future!!

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