Praise Breaks

Sunday has become my favorite day of the week. Why? Because some years ago I made a conscience effort to make it a day of rest and stay away from my computer, if at all possible.  I try to find another source of entertainment that will distinguish the day as one different than my usual Monday – Friday routine.

Last Sunday afternoon I attended a benefit concert for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).The musical celebration of patriotic songs, spirituals, art songs and magnificent classical music was held at the Bel Air United Methodist Church. Devonna B Rowe, soprano had chosen a deeply talented group of guest artists to share the stage. Organist Jeffrey Byers (BAUMC), pianists Douglas Heist and Joan Wiggins provided accompaniment. The Ames United Methodist Church Mens Choir, and exquisite violin music from Toby Ziegler also added to the variety of music.

It is difficult to identify my favorite part of the program because y’all know how partial I am to stories told in any artistic medium! Knoxville: Summer of 1915 told the tale of a family on a summer evening stretched out on quilts in the grass in the backyard staring up at the stars in the sky and others in their rocking chairs on the front porch. The lyrics and musical notes described things seen as the evening passes such as a horse and buggy, birds, neighbors walking by and the sounds of the nearby streetcar. The feelings of love of family and feeling blessed were eluded to throughout the narrative.

The lyrics from the Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful and Battle Hymn of the Republic reminded the entire audience of the beauty and freedoms we so enjoy in our country thanks to men and women who serve us in the military. The concert was to honor the memory of Devonna B. Rowe’s brothers who were both disabled American Vets who have passed on to another realm.

(Above – Devonna B. Rowe, Soprano)

(Above: Toby Ziegler, Violinist)

(Above: Ames United Methodist Men’s Choir)

What an enjoyable afternoon! Stayed tuned for the next blog. I can’t wait to tell you about another event I took advantage of a day later, on President’s Day. It also had to do with a freedom-fighting patriot of our country.

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