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Pandemic Decisions

Yesterday I was the first visitor to arrive at Ladew Topiary Gardens. Although not real sunny it was a beautiful morning. The grass was still dew-laced and the temperature perfectly pleasant. Just right.

Each “garden room” still has eye-striking color but what I encountered in the “Keyhole Garden” struck me in a strange way. Here are pictures:


My immediate thought was how over the past six months I feel as if I’ve been in the middle of a chess game with my decision-making. Oh how I yearn to throw caution to the wind and make a bold move to go see my new grand daughter born March 1st, just days before the lockdown. Yet, I fully and deeply understand the preciousness of life and don’t want to compromise anybody – baby, her parents or myself, as I am in the “at higher risk category.”

One day one reads the pandemic statistics look better. Then the very next day one reads 11 states have real concerns about their growing numbers.  We move forward and backward from day to day and so does my confusion. I don’t know what to believe in except God and in the bright minds of medical scientists. I know first hand the benefits of believing in both. Medical research and inventions can be life saving.

But I do feel my Creator-given intuition and common sense will indicate when it’s ok but I need to  listen. Or as some have suggested is it all just a ruse? Who knows?

I’m so very grateful there have been places like out in gardens where we can find peace from the uncertainty. There’s been plenty of solitude.

Yesterday as I watched butterflies flit freely from the Autumn Joy sedum to the coneflowers to the purple fall asters and golden coreopsis I could only wish I was a “flutterby.” Maybe on the Monarch’s winged flight to Mexico I can hitch a ride and they’ll drop me off in Montana to see my dear little Charlotte.  I won’t have to mess with any airports or several days in the car, which would be my first preference. I like road trips! Even very long ones when in good company.

Can we all just close our eyes and dream these unique and trying times are over? We can! Can’t we?


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