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On Reaching Potential


I find reading affirmations very useful in my life as a motivator. Some other time I will tell you how little notes of positive reinforcement propelled me to write an award-winning memoir.

But today’s blog is about the sentiment posted above which I read hours before walking into a garden store the end of February to pickup a few packets of seeds for indoor starting.

Here is what I came out with.

Admittedly I selected by the pretty pictures and by the names of the flowers. What can I say…I love church hymns.

I didn’t fully read the back of the packets before purchase. So, I was in for some surprises when I sat down later in the day and read the directions entirely. The Cathedral Bells… well, they need supports of ten to twelve feet tall. Oh dear, I thought, these are not well suited to my garden space but I’ll plant anyway and deal with the consequences later. After all, as John C. Maxwell points out, “The greatest mistake we make is living in fear that we will make one.”

Well, well…look what’s happening.  They’ve taken off like horses at a race and advancing at a quick pace! And they aren’t even out of my makeshift temporary “pandemic garden pots” yet (milk cartons).

If the new growth continues towards fulfilling it’s potential I’m going to have give the climbing vine support of some kind. I mean some plants, like people, need something strong to lean on.

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