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Oh, My Word! – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Twin Sister Quote

Oh, My Word!

I’m really beginning to wonder how much patience is a person expected to have. I really am.

Since the pandemic my twin sister and I have been playing nightly games of Scrabble against one another on-line. It’s fun and it keeps the mind and spirit engaged when there is social distancing.

The other evening I was waiting for my sister to play her turn. Ten minutes passed and she hadn’t yet put down her next word. I thought, boy, she must be struggling to make a play. It happens!

Fifteen minutes passed. Nothing.

At twenty minutes with no activity I thought, man, sister you are testing my patience but I was willing to sit tight thinking perhaps her daughter had called with a question about the needs of a newborn infant. I texted her and said “R U there????”


I began to think she had gone onto greener pastures!

Finally after 30 minutes of waiting for her digital letters to appear on the screen I called her up. After three rings she answered extremely groggily. Are you all right? I asked.

What? Oh… what time is it? I must have fallen asleep.

Obviously! I thought.

Are you ok? I inquired, concerned that she nodded off like that.

Yeah. It’s just that my husband has a movie on in the other room and the music… it….I don’t know, she said, it’s so boring or something. I don’t know.

To me, the movie … it sounded like a real sleeper!! And you know,  what we read and watch and listen to can affect our moods.

Ok Jan, I thought, as we finished up our game. I’ll forgive you this time.  There is a time and a season and a reason for everything but not for a nap or running off to bake a cake during our Scrabble game!!! Not when I am fully awake and eager to receive The Word!!





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