If Not Now Then When

Now, Not Later

“Be content to act, and leave the talking to others.” ―Baltasar Gracian

For two years I have been hearing people talk about Simon’s famous Baltimore peach cake. It’s made the classic way, yeast-based cake topped with fresh peaches like my Grandmother used to make. Although I love to bake, I am not great with yeast based recipes, so every time I hear Simon’s peach cake mentioned, I say to myself,

“I need to go get some of that!”

The other morning I rose early as usual, took my morning walk as soon as the sun was up and came back to make breakfast. My choices were zilch so, I thought, “Time is ticking away. Peach season will soon be over and summer is coming to an end. Soon peach cake won’t be available! What are you waiting for?” Go ahead! Treat yourself. Out the door I went, headed for Simon’s Bakery. Nearly around the corner. And I got a bonus when I went into the bakery. A full honest-to-goodness earful of “Hon Talk” this city is known for.

“Come on back, hon!  We are open on Sundees, but not on Mondee. What ever you don’t eat, put it in the frigidaire so it doesn’t go bad,” the bakery assistant said after I paid her a very reasonable $8 compared to the size and amount of fulfillment it delivered.

“You do know about our famous sugar cookies, don’t ya?”

“No, I don’t,” feeling a little embarrassed that I didn’t.

“We have the best around Bawlmer and the county! Simon makes 12,000 pounds of them at Christmas time alone. We have crab shaped sugar cookies now.” Another customer interrupted our delightful conversation. Otherwise I know the banter would have followed something like this ~

Next month the crab theme will be warshed out. That will go down the zink with the wooder and then the customers will be lined up on the payment waiting in line for the pumpkins. That’s ok! That’s what we in bidness for.

Ahhhh…the Balwmer vernacular. It’s what distinguishes us.

(And I include myself in that. After having been away from Bawlmer (aka Baldamore) for more than 40 years, I am told by my son, the vernacular is creeping back into my dialect. I say to that “That’s ok hon! I’m proud of my native roots.”)

As wonderful as Simon’s pastry is, a friend offered me a piece of her homemade peach cake a few days later. Her’s could give Simon’s a run for their money. It was quite delicious and as good as my Grandmothers. Perhaps it’s all the same recipe passed down through the generations from the same Baltimore cookbook!

Yup! It is little things like that bring me the most joy! Pair the peach cake with a cup of tea for real contentment. Nothing more is needed except a second serving.


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