Simple Life

Nix Complicated, Mix Easy

Don’t ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure. ~ Joe Maddon


I’ve been thinking back to my days of being a new mother. Until I adjusted to the parenting thing, sometimes I felt overwhelming pressure to keep the same rigorous level of getting things done. My matrix of success was how many things I crossed off my to do list at the end of the week.

As new mom at 35,  it took me a while to settle into realizing my life really had changed with a baby nearly always attached my hip. Finally I had to let my standards relax or drive myself crazy! But, I admit still there were times when I gave into my own self-pressure and did too much which drained my energy down to nearly nothing.

If you can relate to this blog, forget the complicated and go for the simple way of doing things. Next time you need to take a dish to a pot-luck gathering and are feeling pressured, do away with the complicated. Go for the simple recipe. No one cares how many steps it took to make food. They only care that it tastes good. This recipe may not be the healthiest choice but living under too much stress about whether one is eating perfectly constantly adds to the pressure.

“Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel,

they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.”



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