Christmas In The Heart

Moxie’s Christmas: Part 1

Christmas in the heart

Part One – An excerpt of a previously unpublished chapter from the manuscript of  Sew the Heart. Enjoy! 

“Let’s have a holiday full of Moxie this year, dear. Shall we?”

Moxie looked blankly at the old woman who had found her sitting on the park bench and taken her in. She had no clue what the old woman meant. She’d come to dread the holidays because as a young girl every few years it was spent in a different foster home.

“I might not see you much in the coming days before Christmas, but don’t take it to heart. It’s time to make Christmas. When I’m ready I’ll be in touch.

Perfect! Moxie thought. It will give me time to stitch up a gift. She set to work that evening.

As the days of Christmas approached, Moxie grew more excited. She did her best to remember the Christmas spirit the old woman talked about when she said “Make all you can, save all you can and give all you can.”

 I hope she will be pleased, Moxie thought, as she put her final touches on the portrait she had stitched for the woman who had rescued her in the deepest days of her life.

Moxies Xmas gift to the old woman

For more information on Sew the Heart from award-winning author Sue Batton Leonard.

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