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Messengers of Hope – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Hand Of Hope2

Messengers of Hope

Happy New Year!!! The number of saviors in my life in 2018  was astounding and heartwarming. Without these real life Santa Clauses, archangels, guardian angels, ministering spirits or whatever you chose to tag them, one of the most difficult years of my life could have been even more so. But I did find JOY along the way bringing a bright side.

My JOY list is long and could fill an entire journal, so, I’ll name just a few:

  • Reconnecting with old friends and making new.
  • Being with next generations of family and seeing them growing, thriving.
  • Learning about new writers and artists and seeing their work and God-given talent and creativity.
  • Listening to words of inspiring pastors, spiritual leaders and motivators in the wellness-energy field.
  • A deepening of faith that 2019 will be a little different.
  • Finding camaraderie with others through book club discussions.
  • Encountering people on the streets or working in the community extending helping hands, providing a warm smile, a listening ear or encouraging words.

This is a NOT cold, cruel world. There are messengers of hope on every street corner in every community. Believe it and you’ll see it.

The year 2019 holds possibility, opportunity and potential for awakening in each and every one of us. Cheers!



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