Marked for Life?

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.~  Robert H. Schuller

She’d never considered getting a tattoo before. As old lady Mildred sat on the park bench and studied those that were etched on the young woman’s wrists and neck, she inquired of Moxie what one of the tattoo symbols meant.

Perhaps, the woman thought, the ;  tattoo might be appropriate for the young girl.  Who was she to question? She didn’t know the girl’s history…. and what the young girl had experienced in her young life…

Perhaps I ought to be more open minded about tattoos, the old woman thought to herself. But then again, why would anyone want to be marked for life?   As the old women well knew “With help, there is hope.”semicolon-tattoo-20

This blog is provided to give the reader more insight into Moxie and Mildred, two characters in the fictional story “Sew the Heart” by award-winning author Sue Batton Leonard.

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