Making Sense of Snowflakes

I’ve been thinking a lot about snowflakes lately.

Here in the high country of the Rocky Mountains we’ve had  200 inches of the white fluff and its still January. It’s piled high and winter has only just begun. For those who are not used to living in such adverse winter conditions snow is seen as a nuisance bringing moans and groans.

To those who live in the mountains, we embrace it because there is something positive when the spring run-off comes. It means the region may not be faced with drought conditions later in the year. And the beautiful wildflowers will bloom come spring.

In the aftermath of this divisive political season, we can learn from the sticking together of snowflakes. Yes, this new administration may have ideas of conducting the country’s business that have never been tried before. We can stick together and view the approach as a fresh as newfallen snow. It may become a well spring of something more beautiful for our country. Or we can continue doing politics as usual which many say has become like a pile of dirty snow that needs to be gotten rid of.”

Let’s stitch the country together by remembering “there is more power in unity than division.”

focus on the most

In my opinion, this is God’s honest truth!

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