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Lyrically Speaking – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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Lyrically Speaking


I love church hymns especially those I remember from my childhood. But there are beautiful contemporary church songs too.  As the Deer is a personal favorite.

Reverend Bryon Brought has whetted my interest in learning about spiritual song writers through the ages. I’ve been all ears during his sermon series of one of the most prolific hymn writers of all time, Fanny Crosby.

The backstory of her life is most interesting and as an author myself, I’d like to suggest perhaps her lyric writing became a valuable outlet for her emotions and feelings.

Very briefly, Fanny Crosby became blind at age 6 due to a physician’s mistake in prescribing the wrong medicine for an eye problem. Her blindness left her at a disadvantage. However, despite her challenges she became an eloquent lyric writer and worked in New York City to help many people during the 1840s pandemic.

Out of her challenges and being “different” than others came reassuring, heartfelt words of songs which soothe the soul and provide hope.

Thank you to Rev. Bryon Brought for bringing this sermon series to our faith community.  I’ve enjoyed learning about a hymn writer from two hundred years ago.


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