Life’s Pitches

The more you own things, the more they own you.” – Unknown

When we moved from New England to Colorado about ten years ago I went through the process of cleaning out the house we lived in for about 23 years. I am reasonably organized, not a heavily accumulating person relative to some people, yet I still needed to get rid of material things no longer needed. In doing so, and with a big relocation, a clarity came to the forefront. I was able to focus on a very meaningful next step in life. A bold, vast departure from anything I’d done previously.

In retrospect, without the lifestyle change I’m not sure I could have had the focus to write a memoir and make some new discoveries about myself. Writing about stuff held close to my chest for a whole lifetime was cathartic, needed and life changing.

A pared-down, even more simple style of living has agreed with me ever since. It’s very freeing. I police myself from letting things accumulate again. If you’ve ever watched Marie Kondo’s show Tidying Up on Netflix, the testimonials from her clients who have gone through her systematic approach to organizing and cleaning out speaks volumes about how the process has helped in many other aspects of their lives. I just put order to my dresser drawers using Marie Kondo’s folding methods. That little change felt constructively positive.

Ultimately, it’s all about balance and placing value on what’s really meaningful in life.

Giving some thought to the premise of less is more? Here is a video that may reinforce these thoughts. 




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