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Knots and Stitches

“Your heart and my heart are very old friends.” ~ Hafiz

She’s the salt of the earth, I’ve often thought as I’ve spent time over the course of my life with my childhood neighbor, Marge. It’s been many a year since she, my twin sister Jan and I have spent an extended day together, and she is as much fun as ever. Marge, I’ll repeat what someone else once said, “let’s not twist words we think you are great!”

All the live long day we were in knots and stitches from laughing. Our server at the fabulous Tomato Pie Cafe in Lititz, Pennsylvania even informed us “you gals are a lot of fun!” We don’t have to go abroad to practice being students at the Gaiety School of Acting when the three of us are together. We so enjoy one another’s company.

Before lunchtime we’d found a new profession – we three became certified pretzel twisters! That’s right; we know how to tie up some dough. Friends, I bet by now you are probably feeling very envious and left out. Well, go ahead put salt on your wounds and rub it in! With my twin intuition I know exactly what my  sister is thinking.  Ok this is ridiculous – lay off with the bad humor.

In all seriousness, Jan and I had a wonderful birthday in one of the Coolest Small Towns in America, Lititz, Pennsylvania. A place I had a desire to return to and show others. Pity I still haven’t covered it all. I suppose I’ll just have to return to this great place again and next time take Marge to the Art Barn to see Elva’s Chalk Art. Being a faithful artist, I know Marge would appreciate it.

Lititz is in the Heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and it’s attention to detail in every aspect of it’s small town culture is immediately noticed as you drive through spotlessly clean streets, pristine gardens, historical homes and  beautifully preserved buildings. They know how to do tourism well. Walk through stores and restaurants and you’ll be greeted graciously by warm, hospitable people full of zest for a wholesome life.

And of course, there was chocolate! Come on now,  what’s a birthday without sweet confections?

Marge, so happy you joined us. You made the merry making even merrier! It was a day to remember.

This blog is brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard. I wrote about more about Margy some years ago in my award-winning memoir  Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.





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