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Joy: Come Rain or Come Shine



Sometimes joy is hard to find especially when there has been a stay at home order. And its not just extroverts who may feel as if the walls have closed in around them and are feeling the heat. Even for those who don’t need a lot of people,  these times are still stifling for other reasons. Add to that an upcoming weather system that looks like it could prove to be challenging.

Right now we need a force bigger than we human beings to bring about change because we can’t seem to come together and get along.

A few months ago I decided  to make Sunday afternoons a joy outing to keep some kind of normalcy.  But there was one rule I strongly felt I needed to abide by. Wherever I went or whatever I did had to be safe and within the pandemic guidelines.

One Sunday I went to this serenity spot which is only 15-20 minutes away. I found exactly what I was looking for. Peace, tranquility and  pastoral views with a bench to sit and draw upon my reflections. I needed nothing more.

As the Dali Lama says deep seeded joy is inside of us and independent of externals. When one can come to such a state of being,  joy continues to grow exponentially.

Perhaps if we all can find peace within ourselves we can find it with one another. If nothing more, it’s a hopeful thought.



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