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Its More than Pie

“Sermons are like pie crust, the shorter the better.” ~ Austin O’Malley

I do like short, succinct, powerful sermons. But when it comes to pie crust, I’m not sure I am a good judge. It’s not the crust I like when I eat pie. For me, it’s what’s inside that interests.  The most nutritious part of the dessert lies within! I know what you are thinking. Why even eat pie then? A long argument might come from bakers who take great pride in perfecting their pie crust.  Some say there is a real science behind it. 

There’s a new book I want to get my hands on called It’s Not About Pie! The author contends what is important are the feelings that go with the act of eating pie together rather than the pie itself. This concept could be a real game changer for me and others who feel inadequate because our pie making skills are lacking. Author Nikki Corrine White’s view of hospitality needs to be adopted by anyone who has reservations for any reason about having company in for a meal and opening their home to others. Just the gesture of reaching out to sow relationships is more than enough.

So the long and short of this writing is this – Turn the tables and think about how you feel when you’ve been invited to someone else’s house. What do you value most? The sweet feelings of inclusion or what you’re being fed? As my grandmother used to say, “Tell me please, what’s the God’s honest truth?”

P.S. Interested in practicing up on your pie making skills? King Arthur Flour has some great tips.




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