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Into the Studio: Final Reflections – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Great Things Take Time To Grow

Into the Studio: Final Reflections


“Waters Reflection, moonbeams and sparkling rivers challenge an artist to capture an ever changing light. “~ Mary Magenta

“This is where it all started,” Mary Magenta said, “with one single calendar I made as a gift using magic markers.” She proceeded to pull out a large stack of calendars and Valentines she’s sent to customers over a span of forty-four years. In my mind as she went through her handwritten archives showing me her records of the years each and every customer bought a calendar I thought how well she’d kept track of the history of her art and her customers. It must be she had great faith in herself that she’d keep going!

“Then I moved on to silk screen designs for my calendars.”

“My 2018 Good Food Calendar was my most popular annual release. They’ve all been shipped far and wide outside of the country.  And my feedbags are becoming my biggest hit yet.”

“I have such a following of my calendars, for many of my customers that’s all they want for Christmas! And they purchase one every year.” 

My eyes bugged out as I glanced around the room full of color looking at all kinds of creativity in progress. Mary proceeded to point out her projects, such as her Trees of Life series of prints and note cards.

“And, yay! My Good Food designs are now available on linens – tea towels and placemats.” As I looked at her raw fabric, I was drooling over the color palette. It was as bright and energetic as the woman who designs it.

When I left Mary Magenta’s studio, I wholeheartedly thanked the artist for giving me a glimpse into her life and the work she produces.  Here’s my final reflections from my conversation with Mary Magenta:

  • Her energy is fueled by her passion for her art and life story.
  • She’s recreated herself many times over, it’s all part of her art of living.
  • Unbridled compassion for others and love for people well describes her.
  • The preciousness of life is deeply understood by this woman.
  • Not one for a hum-drum existence, she embraces all life’s adventures.
  • Two and a half hours was not enough to learn all there is about this multi-faceted artist

A quote from  Banani RayFlow Yoga The Mindful Path of Action for Transforming Stress into Happiness  sums up my takeaway from being with Mary.

“To live your life in trust, in love, in compassion it’s an art that makes you truly happy. If you live your life in this manner you will have nothing to regret when you die.”

More information is available on and through women who farm and in other articles on the world-wide-web.

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