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Is there any perfect place to live? It seems no place is ideal but, I’ve always felt fortunate to find many things to like in each of the places I’ve lived.  What one State has in great weather, may lack in opportunity and vice versa. What another State may have in convenience, may lack in affordability. Quality education or quality healthcare may be decent but elusive in other things that rank in high on the quality of life scale, and so on and so forth.

Life is supposed to be joyful, so it makes me sad to think of anyone living an entire life time in a place they do not like, and for economic reasons they can not move elsewhere. It happens. But there is always a choice in how we look at things. Attitudes can be changed and we can find happiness even if it’s just in our own little world such as in our relationships with the neighbors on the street, with our friends and family  or finding fellowship in community groups or gathering places such as in museums, libraries, schools, senior centers, or churches.

I came across this article about a person who ended up in a place she was less than thrilled with because of her spouses job. I wanted to share with our readers today because its’s about what we can do to have a change of heart.  It gives very basic tips that can make a world of difference. Take a few minutes to read it!

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  1. Loved this article! Life is what you make it. Having just moved to a different state, I found that being open to discovery, personal interaction and involvement makes for a very easy adjustment. So many people take pride in their community and enjoy sharing information about their area! They also enjoy making new friends. It just takes a bit of courage to reach out with friendliness to others then they return it ten fold with warmth and advice.

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