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Indulging Oneself – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
Too Much Of A Good Thing

Indulging Oneself

I hesitate to post this blog because I do not want to appear to be too self-indulgent. Believe it or not, sometimes I deny myself pleasures, definitely not because I feel I am unworthy but because I like having simple wants and needs. But, between now and 2020 I have decided I am going to practice too much of a good thing by being heedful of my desires and giving in to them by exploring and discovering my new community and it’s people!

Tomorrow’s indulgence: Another visit to the Harford Writers Group. My first came just four days after my move in. This will be my second visit within two weeks – talk about jump right in! Granted, I’ve had other things I should have put my mind on, like getting my household life settled , but I couldn’t wait to meet a new group of writers in “the hood.”

Getting actively involved so quickly may have cost me. I may not know where I have put things and my possessions may be organized kind of willy-nilly. But in the scheme of things there’s no real harm done, is there? I am just a little excited about my new stomping grounds and the writers, artists and other like-minded people in it!

When was the last time you had too much of a good thing?



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