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Humble Pie

“Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become…”Gordon B. Hinckley 

The other evening my brother’s wife was out of town, so I decided to invite him to dinner. No big deal, right? Wrong. Not when I’ve lived far, far away for more than four decades and now we live nearly around the corner. I now have the wonderful luxury to call him up and extend the invitation.

Being a comfort food addict, I decided to make homemade chicken pie.  I was proud I got a little creative with the decorative effect I made on the crust. Before I popped it in the oven I took a picture.  He’ll be impressed when it comes out of the oven all browned up and pretty, I thought. I put a little egg wash on it to give it a nice little sheen.

I was really disappointed when the gravy overflowed onto the top, ruining my creation. So much for trying to make it showy, I thought. I guess it’s humble pie for dinner tonight.

Wait a minute!  I thought. I’m being silly! I put my values right back where they belonged. I knew my brother hadn’t said Yes to my invitation for a home-cooked meal to see how my cooking stacked up. He already knew the answer to that. I’ve always made it quite clear with self-deprecating jokes about how my cooking can’t stack up to some other family members including his wife’s!

Thanks Scott for cluckin’ over the meal and I agree the flavors inside the chicken pie turned out better than  expected even though the top crust was no longer quite as pretty!


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  1. Sue-
    It was beautiful to start and you enjoyed being creative. I’m sure Just the gesture was appreciated. I know, whenever I am invited to a meal, it really doesn’t matter about how good or bad. I just appreciate having it prepared by someone else and enjoying the company!

    You are a much better cook than you know, especially when in comes time to baking!

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