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How’s it Growin’? – Sow The Heart: One Story at a Time
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How’s it Growin’?

Can I declare today as being I am Proud of Myself Day? Here’s why ~ because I am feeling it!

For a long time it rubbed me the wrong way when someone asked What’s new with you? And my reply was NOTHIN.’  I have said it far, far too many times in my life! Trouble is, each time I said it I wasn’t fibbin’!  As my reply pertained to doing something super industrious to knock my own socks off, I was being truthful.

About 10 years ago I made a major relocation.  I looked at my life and realized I needed to get off the stick and do something to be really proud of myself. Just for my own sake and no one else’s. I didn’t know what that something would be…all I knew was time was a wastin’! The prime of my life was passing me by! I didn’t like that feeling, no, not at all.

Well, the long and short of it is I handed things over to someone much greater than myself, my Creator, and guess what I got? A nudge saying it was time to tell my story! Crazy as it seemed, I decided to act on it.  A combined total of over 2,100 writings have been posted on AllThingsFulfilling.com and SowtheHeart.com. Not even to mention blogs I have written for other people, my award-winning memoir, a book of fiction and an e-book of short stories. And there is more in the works.

I guess one could say I’ve written my heart out! And I doubt one could say I haven’t been committed to it.

And guess what? I became more vulnerable, courageous and brave then I’d ever been in my life! And it has taken me on an incredible journey. I am still testing my limits, and it is a very fulfilling feeling.


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