Boy Walking Down Forest Path

How Could IT Be?

“The Labyrinth invites and welcomes people to walk the path together. It calls them to the land in oneness.” 

~Anty Ali Golding, Aboriginal Elder

Before my mom passed away we had some meaningful spiritual discussions. One day she said to me “Sue, I’ve heard  a lot from you about the enjoyment of your church life in Steamboat. What was it that was so special?

“The sense of community,” I answered, “and the weekly sermons were short, succinct, powerful and things anyone could relate to.  The way I heard the message delivered, the preaching was about life lessons without political/social undertones or judgement.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s how our world communicated?” She asked.

We need to help each other get there. This journey is not a solo journey. Let’s walk it together. ~Unknown



(Photo:  The labyrinth @Maryland Presbyterian Church – the church of my childhood).

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