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Hope Lives

“Hope for the future is at the heart of all gardening.” – unknown

A couple of winters ago I was lamenting to my daughter-in-law how I am not a good houseplant person. “I can grow wonderful gardens outside but inside, forget it! Our acre of perennial gardens in Vermont years back were outstanding ! ” I said.

“You seem to have a real green thumb with both indoor and outdoor plants, Meghan.”

“Sue, you have to pay attention to your indoor plants. Observe them closely; watch what they are doing.”

I vowed that next time I had an urge to grow stuff indoors I’d try to do better.

Well, hope springs eternal! I sowed some seeds indoors for my porch pots. Look what’s happening. I am babying them like my newborn grand-daughter I have yet to meet and tend to due to the virus restrictions. Her life is too precious as is everyone else’s to put anyone in unnecessary danger. So I’ll practice patience as long as necessary.

So what is it I am growing? Cathedral Bells – an Heirloom Flowering Vine, Shirley’s Poppies called Angel’s Choir and Kneehigh Sunflowers the Music Box variety.


I’ll continue to be a good steward of these seedlings that have been planted on Earth, including my dear little Charlotte Helen.



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  1. What a beautiful indoor garden you have made! Around your tiny seedlings, you have decorated it’s tea cart so beautifully and with love, those little baby flowers can’t help but thrive as they grow.

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