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Honoring and Serving

“Lighthouses were built only to serve.”

A couple of weeks ago I took a jaunt to Havre de Grace, Maryland. The town is notable for two batteries during the War of 1812. The British stormed the town and burned it down.

In the quiet of the morning before others were up and about I visited Concord Point Light Station. Very appropriately on the same plot of land where a new memorial honoring Gold Star Families has been placed.

I spent a considerable amount of time that magnificent Pentacost Sunday sitting on a bench looking out at the Susquehanna River, an estuary of the Chesapeake pondering how our nation’s servicemen and women are like lighthouses. They are steadfast and  like beams of light leading the way protecting and defending our country. The individuals who enlist are willing to sacrifice their lives for us.  Aren’t  they worthy and deserving of our gratitude and thanks by being civil, respectful people even when we disagree with one another?

Our Creator put us all on this earth with equal rights to occupy this land and enjoy its freedoms. We need to be beacons of hope for one another by “treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves.” Shouldn’t we be using our might to loudly voice our love of God and country to drown out those who tear down instead of lift up?

In light of all that has occurred in recent weeks in the U.S.A. each one of us needs to shine with kindness, empathy, compassion and an open heart. Otherwise our country will continue to go down like a sunken battleship. We need a windstorm of change in loving and positive attitudes now!

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